Friday, May 30, 2008

received from Ross Priddle May 23, 2008

an envelope full of cool stuff. poetry/art sheet "gar" issues 6 thru eleven. a mailart chainletter
and an add and pass sheet to be sent back to the Polish artist Pawel Petasz. fascinating. go have a look at thanks Ross

received from Mailarta May 21, 2008

there sure are! right on! thank you, it's on its' way.

received from Wackystuff May 21, 2008


sent to Denis Charmot May 20, 2008

he likes Shar Pei, I like flip flops

sent to Angelica Paez May 20, 2008

Texas in stitches

sent to Pati Bristow Mat 20, 2008

sent to RF Coté May 20, 2008

should read -

sent to Pierpaulo Limogelli May 20, 2008

for his "add + return" project

Friday, May 23, 2008

received from Frips May 15, 2008

cool cat. hope it's the right way round. Thanks

sent to Roland Halbritter May 8, 2008

sent to Ross Priddle May 8, 2008

there it is again. should read:

sent to Ruud Janssen May 8

there's that typo again. should read:

received from Denis Charmot May 8, 2008

Thanks Denis

received from Lancillotto Bellini May 8, 2008

an envelope containing documentation for his "recycling art" project. Thanks Lancillotto

received from Angelica Paez May 6, 2008

another beautiful collage by Angelia Paez. Thank you Angelica. Check out more of her work at

sent to Frips May 5, 2008

sent to Ivan Zemtsov May 5, 2008

for his "Alyonka" project

sent to Mailmania 3 May 5, 2008

resent to Mailmania 3 in an effort to complete the Cindy experiment.

sent to Luc Fierens May 5, 2008

sent in response to a comment Luc posted on the Mailmania 3 blog.

sent to Wackystuff May 5, 2008

the ping pong game continues....

received from Wackystuff May 5, 2008

Wackystuffs' reply to my "odd question". Subtle.

sent to Henri Fiks May 5, 2008

sent to Phillipe Pissier April 30, 2008

sent to Laura Thompson April 30, 2008

lonesomeaesthetic for her "atlas" project. She likes Bob Dylan and so do I. So does Ed.