Tuesday, June 28, 2011

received from Angela Behrendt

mailart from Angela and Rolands Pink Correspondance School project with one of her "where is Ai Weiwei?" artistamps. as per the rules of the project , it arrived without a valid postage stamp. unfortunately it would never make it back the other way without one. thank you very much Angela. BTW....I think we know where he is....what happens now?

received from Cascadia Artpost

an invitation for a mailart call in Argentina. thank you Jack

received from Medwolf

Medwolf has changed provinces. thanks Medwolf

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

slow me.....

as I mentioned a few weeks ago, my life is a bit hectic at the moment..
so to all of you (Reg, Roland, Angela etc.)who've sent me such great mailart during the past month, please be patient, it's here and will be posted ASAP. I'm also having camera troubles so the bigger pieces may take a little longer......
FYI, Canada Post has been on strike for the past 10 days so some might also be stuck at the Post Office.....

received from Herman Kamphuis

a collaged envelope within a collaged envelope, both full of magnificent goodies. thank you very much Herman, I love it.

received from Isabelle Paris

a nice collaged envelope from France. merci Isabelle

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm back....sort of....

I'm back posting again but kind of in slow motion. I've been away travelling for a few weeks and since I've been back , work and the garden have been taking up all my time....it's that time of year. Thanks to all who have sent me mailart during this period, I'll be posting it here ASAP.

received from William L Philyaw

a beautiful little artist booklet, exquisitely packaged. thank you very much William.

received from Frips

funny. thank you Frips.

received from Bruno Chiarlone

another Cavellini project. grazie Bruno.