Monday, October 28, 2013

received from Torma Cauli

a Tonerworks booklet of some of Caulis' mailart. here are a few examples, very nice Cauli, thank you!

received from DC Spaulding

this great DC...I love this funny. thank you very much!

received from RF Cote

another shipment of flipflops from the Quebec coast. merci Reg!!

received from Bruno Chiarlone

2014....coming soon....grazie Bruno.

received from Samuel Montalvetti

gracias Samuel.

received from Dorian Ribas Marinho

4 oversize stickers, thank you Dorian.

received from Connie Jean

flipflop enhanced bunny. thank you very much!

received from Zavarov


received from Cascadia Artpost

you've certainly kept the mailart coming during my absence...looks like I missed a couple of calls. thank you very much Jack! nice work!