Tuesday, August 23, 2011

received from William Philyaw

another great image from one of my favorite collage artists. also a poster for an upcoming show? not sure.....thank you very much William. I'll be back at it soon...just a few more bumps to get over.

received from Roland Halbritter

Roland has sent 3 more of his new Venus artcard edition so that I can "abandon" them in places of my choosing. I have a few locations in mind and I'll get on that in next month. notice the great cat/flipflop image...2 of my favorite things. thank you very much Roland.

received from Adamandia Kapsalis

a bubble wrapped lost sole (a distant relative of the flipflop) has arrived for my birthday. Adamandia found it on July 26th and posted it on Facebook. Lorraine Kwan recommended she send it to me. how nice. thank you very much Adamandia.

received from Strelnikov

a tiny envelope with some Canadian flag playing cards inside. thank you.

Monday, August 8, 2011

received from Torma Cauli


a nice package with a couple of great collages and a wonderful invitation and catalogue for a mail art exhibition of the collection of Michel Bohbot at the Hungarian Post Museum in Budapest. Thank you very much Cauli, great!

received from Roland Halbritter

this is Rolands new artcard edition (in conjunction with Heinz Lotz) the "Venus von Arheilgen" . he and others are busy "abandoning" them in various locations throughout Europe. he wants to know if I'd like to join in the game. sure I would Roland, send me a few. thank you very much.