Monday, November 19, 2012

received from DC Spaulding

more great artist stamps. these were shown at the AARPEX show on Nov 10th in Seattle. thank you very much DC....I'm spoiled!

received from OH BOY

more blanks for the "fake John Evans collage" project. I really like this project, I just hope I'll have time to participate before the end of the year. thank you OH BOY!

received from Eduardo Cardoso

just in from Portugal...some artist booklets, a collage, a nice ink drawing and an add + pass. thank you Eduardo!

received from Cernjul Viviana

a cute collage with 3D fish....gracias.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

sent to Herman Kamphuis

this has been sitting on my work table since last March....sorry for the wait Herman....

received from Reed Altemus

Reed has sent me his latest Tonerworks publication. an artist booklet featuring the  work of collage artist Michael Harford. I've posted 3 of the 20 collages in the booklet. nice work Michael and Reed! he's also included a newspaper clipping about a show he had in New Hampshire last month. thank you very much!

received from Cascadia Artpost

a invitation to an artiststamp show in Seattle. looks like fun. thanks Jack.