Wednesday, January 7, 2009

received from RF Cote

a great collage/assemblage. I don't know what you were consuming over the holidays but this is absolutely the best mailart you've sent me so far(besides the flipflops of course). thank you very much Reg. a very happy 2009 to you too.

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RF Côté (reg) said...

Hey Peter,
There's quite a number of liters of Beaujolais behind that! This is my 2009 resolution; to make mailart as much as possible from recycled objects, paint, cardboard and paper. By the way, the paper is coming from COLONNES MORRIS in Quebec City that I peeled off in the middle of the night on December 27th. I've got enough material to keep me going for at least two months. When I mailed this card at the post office, the Canada Post people freaked out because of the staples! They were considered as a safety hazards to the employees. Therefore, they applied scoth tape behind. Scoth tape courtesy of Canada Post office upper town, old Quebec. Point of interest, the postmark is the last day of use for that special cancellation celebrating (finally!) the 400th anniversary of Quebec City. Wish you best for 2009. Cheers!