Sunday, March 29, 2009

received from Wolfgang Skodd

Chiquita Mailita!! an envelope full of surprises from Dortmund. sort of a TAM rubberstap sheet, some artiststamps and some well traveled add + pass sheets. thank you Wolfgang.


Torma Cauli said...

Ah, I see my work too. :-)

Peter Dowker said...

Yes Cauli, I see it's the original collage for your stamp. Would you like it back?

Roland Halbritter said...

Hi Peter,
funny to see so many things which has been as well once in my box, even twice. One of the add&pass in which I participate in. By the way you will find there the first print I made of my latest rubberstamp a portrait of Edgar Allan Poe. The center of the envelope with the Hofer Pop Hero on the cross turned into an artistamp.
Bye Roland
codeword a(c)tion f

Peter Dowker said...

Yes Roland, it was fun to try and trace everything. I did an add + pass/return blitz yesterday so by tomorrow they'll all be off again.
Your comment came in just as I was preparing an envelope of surprises for you. Hope you're feeling better.