Thursday, September 3, 2009

sent to Susanna Lakner

a collaged envelope with some surprises inside.


RF Côté (reg) said...

The beaver stamp fits very well for this picture. Intentional?

Peter Dowker said...

Didn't think anyone would notice.
You win the doorprize.

Susanna said...

Wuh, thanks a lot, I received your
mail today! Great!
No comment to Regs comment. :-)
But; the mailart sailors on the other stamps, are not the famous german twinns, the Kessler Sisters?
Also thanks for the row material to my next letter for you!

Peter Dowker said...

I didn't create this stamp, it was passed on to me by Roland Halbritter. I believe it was him or Wolfgang Skodd who created it(but I'm not sure) so you're probably right.
Your very quick with crude English humour!