Sunday, January 17, 2010

received from Roland Halbritter

add + pass from Roland????? a brochure from Touriseum about Andreas Hofer and some really nice artiststamps made from the "Lotz of Bismarck" card I sent him recently. thank you very much.

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Roland Halbritter said...

rutaccuf uffa what a word to write here
it is not that I dislike at all the add&pass idea, just because I got so many boring stuff about this subject I rejected them once in a while or throw it away. add&hass. Angela did once some stitched artistamps add&hass (hate). In this case just to fill a bit the envelope, lol. just throw it away, it doen't matter

PS: by the way this enveopecame with any valid postage stamp, the 145 cent ones are fakes