Monday, December 20, 2010

sent to Roland Halbritter + Angela Behrendt

not sure about Angela's but it looks like Roland's was lost in the mail.


Anonymous said...

Peter, your great card arrived today, thank you very much. Sometimes the way from/to Canada is a little bit longer, 4 weeks or more.
I wish you happy holidays, a card for you is on the way.

Peter Dowker said...

Great.....actually I find the mail gets to Germany faster than to the USA...that's why I thought it was lost. My Bismarck card took only 4 days.

Roland Halbritter said...

... and finally my card arrived as well ...

RF Côté (reg) said...

Hi Peter! Very cool work. Now news from the eastern front: Update on the freak tides; in Ste-Flavie now, still waiting for the last high tide scheduled for this afternoon. So far, strong winds, waves staying low, emergency protection wall holding well. Checking for flip flop between tides, only finding BBQs, tires, bits & pieces from houses and patios. Still looking for one of my missing kayak. All is well. Cheers!

Peter Dowker said...

Thank you Reg,
Doesn't sound like all is well but.. if you say so....A flip flop should wash in soon (o:
Happy holidays,