Monday, January 14, 2013

received from Reed Altemus

last year Reed and Tonerworks generously offered me to create an artist booklet with 20 of my collages. the box arrived just before Xmas and I'm thrilled with the's's a small taste. thank you very much Reed....sorry it took so long to post. for more information go to


Planet Susannia said...

Amazing, Peter!
Reed is our spiritual leader.
Welcome in our little exclusive club.:-)

Found art blog said...

Glad you got the pictures sorted!!! Always a bit of a scare when that happens.....!!

Torma Cauli said...

Hi Peter! I'm proud, glad, that some from among pictures in my home :-))

Planet Susannia said...

I received it! Thank you!
My favorite in the Tonerworks-Editon!