Thursday, May 2, 2013

received from RF Cote

WOWSERS...another found flipflop from the shore of the lower St Lawrence river. Reg asks the question "what do I have to do to receive the publication Conflicting Elements"? well Reg, you've done more than're right up there on my mailing list and only my laziness and lack of organization are to blame for you not to be holding one in your hands at this very moment. soon come. merci beaucoup!


RF Cote said...

Hi Peter. Would you like to receive more found flip flops? I found another one this morning. Cheers! Reg

Peter Dowker said...

Yes....but I'm going to limit it to old weathered ones. If they're too new and look like they just came out of the store, they're not as interesting for me (and they cost a lot in postage!)I'll try and send the booklet to you soon....but I want to make something nice to go with it.